Warrantees and After-sales Support

DeHoust GWM products carry a 1 year warrantee on all components except the plastic storage containers that carry a 3 year warrantee. Any parts and associated labour involved to repair or replace parts – will be for AKWASOLV’s account.

All our solutions are designed to be low-maintenance, however AKWASOLV provides maintenance agreements at a modest cost that complements the warrantee, and ensures system optimal performance and peace of mind after expiry of warrantees. These maintenance services are typically 2 x year, where the engineers complete a comprehensive schedule of checks of components, functions and performance, and optimize system control parameters where necessary. These services can also include remote fault and performance monitoring (realtime online), BMS interfacing, and access to data archives and graphic trends for analysis of system performance and water savings achieved.

Where Facility Managers are involved, AKWASOLV can offer a seamless and cost effective maintenance contract, where facility managers are trained for 1st line maintenance, and AKWASOLV provides online and telephonic support, and on-site support for 2nd and 3rd tier incidents.

AKWASOLV has a well-trained national network of personnel to provide prompt and effective installation and after-sales support for our customers. We carry a range of spares in-country, and for each commercial site, we provide critical spares on site as needed. To compliment this, we provide full user / operator training– so that facilities managers can ensure optimal performance and identify and escalate any problems timeously.