Company profile

AKWASOLV Water Recycling Solutions

AKWASOLV is the appointed reseller of DeHoust’s GWM Watermanager water recycling products in Southern Africa. We work closely with the DeHoust’s sales and engineering team in Germany, to ensure we provide a quality solution with solid backup. DeHoust is a well-established specialist company based in Leimen, Germany.

Dehoust GmBH has been in business for 55 years, with 4 factories in Germany and export worldwide. All the factories are ISO9000 certified. DeHoust’s main products are PE tanks for storage of oils, chemicals, rainwater, greywater, potable water, and over the last 15 years have developed and productised a world-leading bio-membrane cleaning technology for greywater recycling. Previously we were the exclusive reseller of Hansgrohes’ PONTOS range of Greywater Recycling products. (They have since terminated the Greywater Recycling offerings worldwide).

AKWASOLV has been operating since 2005, and we have developed significant expertise in specifying, designing and installing greywater recycling solutions for our markets in Southern Africa. Our installed and working sites include hotels, apartment buildings, office buildings, mixed use developments, gym/healthclubs, and residential homes.

AKWASOLV is committed to service excellence, and has a national sales, solution specification, installation and support presence in South Africa.