Installation requirements (for standard system)

These conditions must be met in order to install a DeHoust GWM grey water recycling system:

  • Separate pipeline system for collecting the shower and bath water
  • Separate process water conduits for supplying the consumption points
  • No connections between potable water and process water supply network
  • No connections between drinking water and process water supply network
  • Separate ventilation, separated from black water pipes
  • Plant room of specified size
  • Ventilation of plant room
  • Floor drainage in plantroom (drain to sewer)
  • Sewer drainage point in plantroom – for backflush water from greywater plant
  • Level plant room floor with minimum 2.8m clear height throughout
  • Subsurface: level and stable, 1,250 kg per m²
  • Electrical supply – as specified
  • Potable (domestic) water supply (for potable back-up water to recycling plant)
  • Potable water standpipe and drain in plantroom – for plant cleaning and maintenance