Planning and preparation

If you are keen to proceed to the next step, either contact us on email or telephone, and we can assist with proceeding to the next stage:

  1. Completing a Planning Sheet with the client (see simple examples below). The purpose of this exercise is to determine the amount of greywater available for harvesting, and how the clean recycled (process) water will be utilised. This is a water supply/demand assessment. This will highlight whether rainwater input needs to be integrated into the greywater system (e.g. if demand exceeds supply), or if there is excess supply, where can this be applied (irrigation, car wash, etc).
  2. A second objective of this planning exercise is to determine the greywater generation profile versus the process (recycled) water demand profile. This may indicate that larger greywater buffer tanks are required, or larger process water storage tanks are required.
  3. After the initial planning exercise, Akwasolv can then provide the client with a provisional proposal, plant configuration and specification, and pricing.