The Planning and Implementation process

Step 1 (Specification and order):

During the specification and order placement, the following is determined between AKWASOLV and the client or the client’s representative (architects, consulting engineers, wet services engineers, developer):

• Greywater supply and recycled (process) water demand calculations and assumptions
• Specifying the correct model (capacity) of greywater recycling plant for the application
• Specifying and planning the most suitable location for the plant
• The location and routing of water take-off (grey water sources),
• The reticulation of process water distribution (e.g. piping for toilet flush, to irrigation, wash machine, other users of process water)

Step 2 (Planning and Design):

During planning and design of the project, AKWASOLV will assist the project professionals with the required engineering drawings, plant specifications – and will comment and review the planned plant location and plant room design. The project documentation supplied by AKWASOLV will include all engineering details and drawings, and the specification of preparation and services required for the plant installation. Again this will be distributed to all project team members involved for review and comment (prime contractor, consulting engineers, project manager, architect, quantity surveyor, etc).

Step 3 (Building Construction):

During the construction phase of building, AKWASOLV will meet with the project professionals and relevant contractors at site for progress meetings and site review as needed. This is to ensure the location and services required for the greywater system is as per specification, and also allows the team to iron out any issues arising. Once the preparation for the greywater plant has been completed towards the end of the building phase, an AKWASOLV representative will visit the site at an agreed date and time to inspect the preparation, and agree on final timeline for plant delivery, installation and commissioning.

Step 4 (Installation & Commissioning):

Shortly before final completion of the building, AKWASOLV will deliver, assemble and pre-commission the greywater recycling plant (1-4 days depending on size of plant). Once occupation has taken place and grey water is being generated, AKWASOLV will perform the final commissioning, training and handover to the project representative (1 day to 5 days depending size of plant). At this handover phase, training, support and maintenance agreements are also finalized.

Step 5 (2 weeks after installation):

AKWASOLV will visit the site for a full post commissioning check-up of the greywater recycling plant, checking all functions as well as the water quality being produced.